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Waved for a perfect atmosphere

04 Jan 2021

- The idea for Waved came in 2018 when we were gathered at a great restaurant with delicious food and nice company, but there was still something that did not match the atmosphere, says Sande…

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How to optimize sound in your bar or restaurant?

16 Nov 2020

At a bar or restaurant, it's about creating the ultimate experience for guests. A lot of time and thought goes into making the right menu, cocktails and theme to…

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Teston founders on the owner side of Waved

15 September 2020

– Vi ville ha med mennesker som visste mye om det å være gründer, noen som kunne hjelpe oss med…

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Fixes the music level in the service industry

03 May 2020

Originally written by and published on Everyone has experienced sitting in a nightclub and getting annoyed by the noise level…

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Use of noise level to reduce infection

28 April 2020

- We have created a system that can use the noise level to estimate how many people are in a…

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